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Pitthu Game

Awals Creations is the leading Pitthu Game Manufacturers in Delhi. Pithu is a game which has to be played outdoors. At the point when you set your feet on the field to play 'pitthu' make sure to utilize just a tennis ball. It is light and safe. Kids enjoy a lot playing this and it helps them get physically strong as well.

How to play

This game must be played outside. Separate the kids into two groups. 

Accumulate seven stones with the biggest at the base and the littlest on top. Have one individual from group A hit the heap with the ball from a distance of around four meters. Different individuals from group A need to disperse on the field.Just as in cricket, there is a wicket manager like figure from group B, who remains behind this or the stone pyramid to get the ball. Different individuals from group B position themselves around the pitthu. 

Rules of playing

We as the leading Pitthu Game Suppliers and Exporters in India should know all the rules as well, so here they are : Every player gets three goes to break the pitthu. When the player hits and breaks this, the real game starts. This is when group An attempts to revamp and group B prevents them from doing as such, by hitting them with the ball. The player gets out if the ball contacts him/her, however on the off chance that he/she prevails with regards to making the pitthu first, the group gets a point. In this manner the game proceeds till every one of the youngsters have their goes to hit the game. The group that makes more pitthus is the victor.

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