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Awals creations have a wide range of games, Creative Games Manufacturers and toys catering to children of all ages These games range from indoor and outdoor ones. Wholesale Indoor Games Suppliers Exporters and Maintaining a high quality, the range of games available for the customers are

  • Toys 
  • Soft toys
  • Educational games
  • Jigsaw puzzles
  • Board games
  • Creative games
  • DIY games
  • Battery operated games

Creative Games

Every child loves to play. Games can enhance the creative skills of a child. Being the best creative games manufacturers, innovation of games like the algebra case kids, number cards, Data collection board etc have helped the children use their minds creatively. Playing these games is a learning process for them in a fun way.

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Since ages dolls have been a favourite mode of playing especially for girls. Playing with dolls is a total learning process for them. Today playing with dolls is not confined to just girls. The doll manufacturers have come up with a range of designs for dolls which catch the interest of boys too.

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Diy Kits

Kids love to create and build. The top-notch DIY manufacturers bring games which involve the children to create new things playfully. The DIY games help the children in many ways-

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Jigsaw Puzzles

With so many internet gaming apps trending today kids hardly play a jigsaw puzzle, though it is one of the oldest and traditional modes of play, which involves people of all ages young or old. The children play these games to unwind and challenge their brains in a new way which is a benefit for jigsaw puzzles manufacturers.

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Art And Craft Products

Art and craft products are DIY projects. It offers a way to enhance the creativity of a child using a lot of things. The art and craft products are combined with cutouts and relevant products and accessories so that a child can use their utmost creativity to make a new decorative item.

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Childrens Play Tent House

Children play tent houses are the most beautiful modes of playing indoors and outdoors once the tent is set up. The highly acclaimed children play tent house manufacturers specialises in making a world-class range of tent houses for children. The children find having a tent house for themselves very exciting and go on to decorate it according to their preferences.

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Educational Game

Being the leading and recognised educational game manufacturers, a range of educational games are designed and provided to the children so that they gain knowledge and are entertained also. Educational games are available for all age groups from learning the basic alphabets to making words, sentences, colours, names of birds, animals. All kinds of educational games are available.

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Hopping Toys

Hopping toys are more physical activity-based games which are liked by the kids a lot. Being involved in hopping toys increases the physical stamina of the child though it is very important for the child to be careful as they may hurt themselves. Hopping toys manufacturers make toys available in many sizes and colours. The hopping toys are made of the best material available in the industry

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Indoor Games

Indoor games are suited for children who are unable to go out and play. Physical activity for every child is very important so why not do it indoor. The leading indoor games manufacturers give options to set up a spread of indoor play centre. It gives a look of a park with different activities. It is designed for children from the age of 3 to 14 years.

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